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The Euston Area Plan

The GLA, Camden Council and Transport for London have teamed together to form the Euston Area Plan as part of Camden’s Local Development Framework (LDF). The plan is being prepared in an effort to shape change in the area surrounding the station in response to the current proposal for a new High Speed rail link (HS2) from London to the Midlands. Property investors should be keeping a mindful eye on this £33 billion pound developemnt  because this investment in the Euston’s infrastructure is sure to have a significant impact on values in the coming years. Property Investment in Euston therefore, could well be the way to go.

There has been expectation of development around the station for a while with Euston being identified as an Opportunity Area in the London Plan and a Growth Area in Camden’s LDF. The London Plan suggests that the area is underused and has potential for ‘intensification’. There are also talks about improving Euston Square Gardens.

To find out more about the Euston Area Plan visit the website below:-


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